It’s been a good year for apples and pears, quince too. (Not so great for plums and gages due to a couple of very hard late frosts). We will be getting out the apple presses again on 8th October at 2pm by the shop, please bring apples and bottles along, and come and meet your fellow apple lovers.

There are many trees full of fruit on site, and sadly we have to remind you NOT to take fruit from other plots without permission. There are no vacant plots on site, every one is tenanted, and all the fruit belongs to someone. If you find yourself watching with frustration as fruit apparently goes to waste, and you can’t find the plotholder to speak to directly, contact the committee by email or in the shop and we will do our best to speak to them and see if they might be willing to share.

We have had several incidents of people having their fruit stolen in the past, and will be taking any future occurrences very seriously. Our rules state that anyone stealing fruit is liable to eviction from their plot.


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