EWAA’s shop is open on Sunday mornings, 10 -12 in the spring, 11-12 in the summer, autumn and winter (closed August, Christmas and New Year). It’s staffed by volunteers from the committee and is a good place to find us if you need to speak to someone about your plot/the site. We sell seeds, fertilisers of various kinds and garden sundries including black plastic mulch. See below for more details.

Please note that we no longer lend out petrol or electric strimmers, or any other powered machinery. Our lawn mowers are only used by volunteers for mowing the main paths.


  1. Hiring. Committee members have used Greenplant in Wheatley, and Artisan hire in Botley. This option would be most cost-effective if several plot-holders wanted to hire for a day or weekend.
  2. Help from other allotment holders. Contact others who can help with strimming for a donation towards fuel, wear & tear etc. John Butler on plot number 135b has offered to help for the following: £5 for paths and front verge, £11 for a half plot, £22 for a full plot.(This is just for cutting not raking or taking cuttings away.) John can be contacted on 01865-714-892
  3. Non-mechanical tools. We also have some non-mechanical tools for loan from the Allotment shop, eg azadas, scythes, sickle etc. Ask at the shop for more details.


  • Strimmers should not be used on large areas of thick brambles and rampant tree saplings
  • Always strim down from the top, never start at the base of the weeds you are cutting
  • If you think you might not be able to cultivate or control an area quickly – get some Mypex or other suitable plastic covering and cover the area you have strimmed to prevent re-growth and the spread of weed seeds.

(Price list to be updated at a later date)