The shop on our allotment site will be open on Sunday mornings from 11 am until 12 noon until the end of November, and will re-open in mid-February.
NO CASH – we can only handle card payments. (See stock list below.)

It is staffed by volunteers from the committee and is a good place to find us if you need to speak to someone about your plot/the site. It normally sells seeds, fertilisers of various kinds, and garden sundries including black plastic mulch. See below for more details.

Equipment Hire

We can lend out manual push mowers on request from the shop.  
We do not maintain these mowers, or charge for use.
See for more details

Shop Stock – 2023

This is not a complete list, but gives an idea if what is currently available:-

CategoryFor example * marks varieties for autumn sowing/planting
Seeds & BulbsAlliums: Onion sets*, Shallot sets*, Garlic*
Broad Beans: Aquadulce*, Sutton Dwarf*
French beans: Cosse Violette, Borlotto, Elba
Runner beans: Painted Lady
Peas: Meteor*, Douce de Provence*, Carouby de Maussane (mangetout), Nairobi (sugar snap)

Vegetables — many old favourites and some less common varieties

Salad leaves, Lettuce, Spring onions, Radishes, Tomatoes, Herbs

Green manures: Buckwheat, Phacelia, Summer Mix, Tares (vetch)

FLOWERS: an assortment of old favourites for attracting pollinators, sowing as companion plants, and for brightening your plot
Seed potatoesIn February.
Canes4ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft
Soil improversMixed horse manure and composts in 70 litre bags
Peat-free compost
Bone meal
Calcified seaweed
Chicken manure pellets
Maxicrop liquid feed
General fertiliser
Sulphate of potash
Volcanic rock dust
Garden lime
Sharp sand
Pest ControlAnt killer
Moth traps (codling & leek)
Slug bait (contains Ferric Phosphate)
Pepper dust
Crop protectionFleece
Butterfly netting
Green netting
Ground coverBlack plastic
Woven plastic ground cover 3.3m wide (Mypex)
Ground staples
Fruit cage posts & rails