The EWAA shop cannot open during lockdown

Normally open on Sunday morning

In Summer, Autumn, and Winter – 11am until 12 noon.
In Spring (March and April) – 10am until 12 noon.
Closed August, Christmas and New Year.

It’s staffed by volunteers from the committee and it’s a good place to find us if you need to speak to someone about your plot/the site. We sell seeds, fertilisers of various kinds, and garden sundries including black plastic mulch. See below for more details.

Equipment Hire

We can lend out manual, push mowers on request, from the shop.  We do not maintain these mowers, or charge for use.

See for more details

Shop Price List

This is an incomplete price list, which may not be kept up to date, but may help those attempting to order online:-


4ft cane£0.25 per cane
6ft cane£0.30 per cane
7ft cane£0.35 per cane
8ft cane£0.40 per cane

Netting and Fleece etc

Black Polythene£5.00 per metre
Fleece (1.5 m wide)£0.20 per metre
Fleece (2m wide)£0.25 per metre
Fine mesh netting (Enviromesh) (2.1m wide)£2.20 per metre
Butterfly netting (black) (4m wide)£3.00 per metre
Garden netting (green) (4m wide)£0.70 per metre
Black lightproof membrane (Mypex) (3.3m wide)£2.00 per metre


Maxicrop Seaweed Extract£4.50 per litre
Mushroom Compost£3.00 per bag
Pelleted Chicken Manure£0.80 per kg


Twine£3.00 per roll
Water Butt£22.50 per unit
Tomato Feed 1 litre£2.50 per bottle
Savona£0.20 per 10ml

Compost and Manure

John Innes Seed Compost (30 litre)£4.20
John Innes No 2 Compost (25 litre)£4.20
Perlite (20 litre)£11.50
Blended Manure Compost£6.15
Multipurpose Compost (75 litre)£5.40
Coconut Coir (60 litre)£9.00
Tomato GroBag (30 litre)£2.50


Ant killer£1.00 per bottle
Slug Killer£4.00 per bottle

Packets of Seeds

Details of 2021 stock to follow£ per packet

Loose Seeds

Details of 2021 stock to follow£ per seed


Deck bearer / Raised Bed 3.6m x (6″x2″)£12.50 per plank
Gravelboard/Kickboard/Wooden path 3.6m x 150mm x 22mm£6.00 per plank
Feather Edge 2.4m x 125cm£2.00 per plank

Unstocked things, that we can order

We periodically get a wood delivery from Oxford Fencing. We have to place a minimum order of £120 plus VAT, and cannot store anything bigger than 3.6m. If you need an item that the shop doesn’t have in stock, but don’t require it urgently, let us know on and we’ll try to order it for you.

If you want to build a 1.2m x 2.4m raised bed, you will need 2×3.6m border planks to cut, and 4 corner pieces. I use the (6″x2″) because they last longer (all wooden raised beds rot eventually), but you could use the cheaper 22mm Kickboard. I use Arris Rail, for my corners, as it’s better to screw across the grain of the wood, but some go end in (after a few years, the end in screws won’t hold).

Arris Rail (3m x 2ex 75 x 75)£3.80 per plank
Deck bearer / Raised Bed 4.8m x (6″x2″)£14.80 per plank
Deck bearer / Raised Bed 3.6m x (4″x2″)£7.45 per plank
Deck bearer / Raised Bed 4.8m x (4″x2″)£10.10 per plank
Blank Posts 2.7m x (5″x4″)£13.85 per post
Blank Posts 2.7m x (4″x4″)£11.15 per post
Blank Posts 2.7m x (3″x3″)£6.25 per post

When assembling wooden frames for outside, be aware if you use regular BZP wood screws, they will rust, and fail after a time. Hence I tend to use A2 or A4 stainless steel screws. I use 6x70mm screws (aka 12 x 2 3/4″):

Similarly, we can get wheelbarrows, larger waterbutts and numerous other things. Just ask.