There are two more shopping Sundays before the August closure

More supplies arrived this month, so you can stock up on what you need during July. The EWAA Shop does not open during August, so the next opportunity will be September 1st.

Coffee Sacks
If you’re looking for an alternative to woven plastic ground cover we have some hessian sacks from a local roaster.

Back in Stock
~ Blood, fish & bonemeal ~ Potato sacks ~ John Innes no.2 ~ Liquid seaweed ~ Twine ~ Canes

*new Trees Care
~ Winter tree wash ~ Tree grease ~ Grease bands ~ Trunk guards

Slugs Defences
~ Slug wool ~ Copper slug tape ~ Hog-safe pellets

Green Manures
Don’t forget them! They improve soil health and help to keep the weeds at bay. There are several types in stock that you can sow now.

Sunshine at last!

Now that the weather is urging us to be out on our plots, please take time to familiarise yourself with the rules and etiquette around fires. Try to compost as much organic material as possible, and consider those around you.

  • No bonfires before 6pm or before dusk when the days are shorter and it gets dark before 6pm
  • No bonfires on Sundays or public holidays
  • Only burn plant material that is thoroughly DRY and free of soil
  • Do NOT bring rubbish onto the site for burning
  • Stay close to the fire at all times
  • Never light a fire on a windy day
  • Extinguish a fire immediately with water if another plot-holder reports having trouble breathing, or if a neighbour from the surrounding houses complains

EWAA Allotment Committee

Water Tanks

Please take care to turn the taps off firmly, and never leave the tap running unless you are nearby. The water on site is metered, so when tanks overflow it costs the Association money!

REMINDER: Never wash tools or produce in the tanks because this spreads disease. Use a bucket of water instead.

Tent Moth Infestation – apple trees

If you notice this problem on one of your trees, now is the time to act as the caterpillars hatch.
You can:
* Spray 1 – Neem Oil mixed with pure soap in water. Neem oil is an environmentally friendly spray that will kill both eggs and caterpillars.
* Spray 2 – Cider Vinegar, pure soap and light cooking oil (0.25tbsp, 0.5tbsp, 1tbsp) mixed well into a litre of water.

Both sprays need to thoroughly wet the caterpillars and eggs to be effective, so get the spray into the ‘tent’. You may need to spray several times to catch them all, and it is good to vary the spray to stop resistance to the spray building up.

Alternatively, they can be removed by hand if you can reach.
There’s lots more information online.

No Dumping

The area in front of the EWAA Shop is only used for collecting rubbish when we have a skip on site, which is generally once or twice a year.
Please don’t dump rubbish here at any other time.

If you added rubbish to this pile, please take it home and dispose of it with your household waste.

The EWAA Committee

Good news! May swapping event

Have you had some disappointments on your plot — frosted plants, slug damage, poor germination? Don’t be disheartened, there will be a chance to fill those unplanned gaps.

Later on in May the EWAA will hold a plant and seed swap at the Social Area on the Middle Lane.

Keep an eye on the email updates for further details which will be posted to the website once arrangements are confirmed!

Vehicle access restored

At last the heavy rain has stopped and the lanes on the EWAA site have become firm enough to bear the weight of occasional vehicle traffic. This means that members can deliver to their plots again.
However, please note the following dos and don’ts and show consideration to your fellow plotholders.

  • Unload your delivery as quickly as possible, and then park your vehicle outside the site gates if you are staying
  • Make sure that cyclists can get past
  • Do not park on the lanes or on the Social Area (Middle Lane)
  • Do not perform an U-turns – either reverse in and drive out, or drive in and reverse out.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

EWAA Committee

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