Only two more shopping Sundays in 2023!

REMINDER: the allotment Shop will be closed in December and January. It will re-open at some point in mid-Feb, date to be confirmed. Details here.

75% DISCOUNT on red onion sets, ready to plant immediately.

SPUDS: did you have any significant successes or failure this year? We are preparing our order for 2024 seed potatoes, so if you have any feedback on a particular variety please send it to before the end of the month.

Pilfering from car park

If you ever use the gate in the “woodchip” car park you will know that the builders who are working at 66 Cricket Road are also using the space to access the construction project. We need to remind EWAA members that, apart from the woodchip, any materials stored in the car park belong to the builders, so please DO NOT help yourself to bricks, pallets, tools, or any other useful-looking objects you spot there.
Thank you!


EWAA Committee

Protect and improve your soil this winter

Have you considered planting a green manure now to improve the quality of the soil on your plot?

To learn more about how to use Green Manures there’s a helpful summary from Bob Flowerdew in the Banstead episode of Gardeners’ Question Time, recorded on18th November 2022. It starts at 14.30 mins.

Both Grazing Rye and Winter Tares (vetch) are in stock at the EWAA allotment shop, which will be open from 11-12 each Sunday morning until the end of November.

Autumn stock on sale from Sunday 15th October

There are fresh supplies in the EWAA Shop which opens on Sundays between 11:00-12:00.

  • Alliums – top quality autumn-planting varieties of banana shallot, yellow onion, red onion, garlic
  • Broad beans & peas – Aquadulce, Sutton Dwarf, Douce Provence, Meteor. Sow now for spring harvest!
  • Rokolene – thick netting to keep the pigeons off your brassicas
  • Fleece – protection from frosts
  • Peat-free compost – various choices

Card payments only, we cannot handle cash.
Please bring your own bags.

Longor ‘banana’ shallots

Survey Results & Revised Rules

The Committee would like to thank everyone who responded to the EWAA online survey, which was sent out at the end of August. It was the first time that feedback had been gathered in this way, and the results have definitely given us a better understanding of members’ views and concerns.

Response to the survey

  • 251 emails were sent out to all members who have a mailbox (two people do not)
  • 91 members responded
  • 160 members did not respond
  • 36% of the members contacted expressed their opinion

Analysis of the response to each of the six question is on display in the EWAA Shop, which is open on Sunday mornings from 11 to 12.

A big thank-you goes to the seven people who volunteered some of their time to help the Committee manage this large site. We will be in touch with you shortly!

Revised Rules

The recent AGM approved a number of revisions to the EWAA Rules and Cultivation Requirements, so please be sure to read these.
NB – washing produce, tools, boots, etc. in the water tanks spreads disease and is not permitted.

EWAA Committee

This might interest you…

…the EWAA allotments could feature on a local mural.

A couple of local residents, who have transformed the pedestrian alley between Howard St and Boundary Brook into “Flower Lane”, are now fundraising to pay for a wall mural by artist Lisa Curtis. The East Ward Allotments will be featured in the mural as a nod to the history of the land Boundary Brook is built on.

Community Alleyway Art Project has launched a crowdfunding page to raise the funds, so to find out more visit the JustGiving site, where you can also donate and share if you wish.