Data Protection Policy for East Ward Allotment Association, Cricket Road, Oxford. Contact via email

Why do we hold personal data?

We hold individual’s data for the purposes of managing the allotment site. We use it to contact members re the condition of their plots, rent arrangements and any specific issues that arise. We also use it to keep people informed of events on and occasionally offsite,  and remind people of the allotment rules as necessary.

What data we hold and why

We hold a list of names, addresses and emails for people who rent allotments from us, or have indicated that they would like to. We also hold information on payments made and plot inspections, and we retain emails. This information is held for reasons of ‘legitimate interest’.

Where we hold the data

The information is held online in an excel spreadsheet stored in googledocs. Emails are stored in dedicated mailboxes that are managed by association officers — Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Shop. Serving association officers have access to these as needed.

Transferring data to others

We never pass on or transfer any data to third parties for any purpose without the individual’s consent.

How long we keep data for

We review our data storage every three years and will destroy data records (paper and electronic) if there is no longer a legitimate interest for us to keep them.   We will also offer people the option to unsubscribe from our mail list each time we contact them.

Data Security

We keep all our data securely.  This includes keeping data in accounts which are password protected.  Any paper records are destroyed after use.

Data Breach procedure

Any data breach will be dealt with by the committee.  In the event of a data breach we will work to fix the issue immediately, take all measures to prevent it occurring again, report the incident to the committee and to anyone affected by it.

Removing data from our records

It is possible to unsubscribe from our EWAA Latest News updates (generated automatically when content is posted to the website) by clicking on unsubscribe in any message. It is not possible to have an allotment but refuse to allow us to hold your data.

Who is responsible for ensuring that we do what we say we will?

The East Ward Allotment Association Committee is responsible for managing the data.

We review and update our data protection policy as necessary.  This was last updated in February 2024.

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