East Ward Allotments
Cricket Road

The main entrance to East Ward Allotments is between 92 and 94 Cricket Road, opposite the entrance to Ridgefield Road.

Our main officer contacts are :-

chair@ewaa.org.uk – To contact the chairman of the EWAA committee, for matters relating to the site overall.

treasurer@ewaa.org.uk – To contact the EWAA treasurer for financial matters relating to the site.

shop@ewaa.org.uk – To contact the EWAA shop officer, for matters relating to the shop, or to request a purchase whilst the shop is closed.

membership@ewaa.org.uk – To contact the EWAA membership officer, for matters relating to the waiting list, or plot inspections.

For general enquiries, and matters relating to publicity, this website, or the notice boards, send an email to contact@ewaa.org.uk
However, you’re likely to get a quicker response if you use one of the above officer addresses, to target your request. Or pop in to the shop by the main entrance. Details of Shop opening hours are here.