Bonfire guidance

EWAA members are again permitted to burn allotment waste on their plots, so the usual rules apply. Note in particular:

  • No bonfires before 6pm, or before dusk when that is earlier than 6pm
  • No bonfires on Sundays or Public Holidays
  • Only burn dry plant material in order to minimise smoke

Please consider your neighbours, stay close by while the fire is burning, and douse it with water before you leave the site.

EWAA Committee

Update on Vehicles

Dear Members,

Following such a prolonged period of persistent rain the ground at the allotment site remains extremely soft, so the weight of vehicles would still damage our grass lanes. Thankfully, the ground is drying out, so providing we have better weather over the next couple of weeks, we should be able to announce good news in time for the Easter bank holiday. We will let you know, so please look out for a further update.

In the meantime:

  • Continue to respect the notices on the gates
  • Leave your vehicles outside
  • Don’t let any delivery vehicles through the site gates

Thank you for your understanding!

EWAA Committee


This is a reminder that we all share responsibility for the communal EWAA paths. 
When the earth is waterlogged and soft, we exclude all vehicles from the site to avoid damage to paths. There are  clear notices on the gates stating this. We would ask all members to respect this rule.
Please help us by reminding anyone you see trying to  drive through the gates that it is not permitted at the moment.

Thanks for your cooperation.

EWAA Committee

No potatoes, onion & shallot sets, or garlic

Sadly, as the EWAA Shop is unable to open during lockdown we won’t be selling the items that normally go into the ground early in the year. Local shops such as Wilko and Homebase often stock seed potatoes and alliums, as do some garden centres. Charlton Park Garden Centre in Wantage hopes to offer a good selection – phone and online orders only!

EWAA shop re-opens on 7th February at 11 am

Because of the difficulties of running the shop in the context of Covid restrictions we are unable to open the shop for the rest of this year. In early 2021 stock of seed potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, and seeds will start to arrive. We’ll announce more details in the New Year, and post information on the website.

Thank you for your understanding.
EWAA Committee