A student from Brookes university has contacted us and requested that anyone interested fill in a survey for his research on allotments:

I  am a geography student who will soon be starting my third year at Oxford Brookes University. I am beginning my dissertation research, and have opted to study allotments for this task. My initial aim is to discover how the benefits of allotments may vary geographically, for example how a rural, semi-rural or urban location for allotments may impact upon the benefits people obtain. I live in the village of Haddenham, and intend to compare responses of allotment holders in Haddenham (i.e. a village environment) with those of allotment holders in a town and a city. I have identified East Ward allotments in Oxford as a site where I can collect data on the benefits allotment holders experience in a city environment. I have created an anonymous questionnaire for allotment holders which has been checked by my project supervisor.  I understand that there are little benefits to be gained by your allotment holders cooperation, however if you would be interested I would be very happy to forward my results to you once I have finished my research.

If you’re able to help by filling in the survey, find it here: East Ward Digital Questionnaire.  Copies are also available in the EWAA shop.

allotment survey

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