1. Compliance with Rules: All members upon joining or when rules are changed shall sign a declaration to abide by the rules.
  2. Rent and Failure to Pay: All members shall pay an annual rent for plot(s) let to him/her.  Rent shall be set at the AGM.  Payment is to be made at the committee room during normal shop hours in September.  Upon failure to pay by the last rent day the plot(s) will automatically revert to the Trustees who shall be at liberty to re-let the plot(s) without notice.
  3. Cultivation: Members shall manure and cultivate their plots in a husband-like manner, as defined by the committee.  Failure to do so shall render members liable to expulsion by the committee with immediate effect.
  4. Sharing and Subletting of Plots: Sharing of plots by two or more individuals is permitted but subletting is prohibited.
  5. Stealing, receiving or maliciously damaging the Association’s or another member’s property is punishable by explusion with immediate effect.
  6. Termination of membership: three months notice of termination shall be given by the Trustees/members.  Failure to do so shall render the member liable for rent.
  7. Land Holding: No member shall hold more than 30 poles (750 square metres) of the Association’s land.  Concessions for unemployed and OAPs shall only apply to the first 10 pole (250 square metres) plot.
  8. Transfer of Plots: Members shall not pass on plots to another person without the Membership Secretary’s permission.
  9. Plot Holder Information: Members must notify the Membership Secretary of any change of address.
  10. Prohibited Plants: Members may, subject to national laws, grow any variety of plant except standard trees.
  11. Structures: Members shall not erect any structure without the written permission of the Committee.
  12. Footpaths: Each plot shall have a footpath along one side of the 24 inches (60cm) in width  for the use of adjacent plotholders only. It shall be maintained by members who use it.
  13. Plot Inspections: Committee members may enter upon and inspect members’ plots at any time.
  14. Work Parties: Members are invited to join a work party once per annum upon being asked to do so by the Committee.  Work parties will be held on Saturdays and Sundays as decided by the Committee.  Members will take instructions from the committee member in charge of the work party.
  15. Weeds, Rubbish and Plot Numbering: Members shall keep their plots and half the width of the adjoining roadway clear of weeds, garden refuse and rubbish.  Plots shall be clearly numbered.  Dumping of rubbish on other plots is prohibited.  Plot holders without clearly numbered plots will be fined 50% of the annual 10-pole plot rent, to be added to rent for the next financial year if unpaid.
  16. Bonfires and Composting: Members shall abide by Association rules on bonfires which can be amended by the Committee from time to time.  The Association encourages composting.  No waste materials shall be dumped in communal spaces on allotment land. Current rules are:
    • No bonfires before 6pm or dusk if earlier
    • No bonfires on Sundays or public holidays
    • Only dry material to be burnt along with dried diseased plant material
  17. Vehicle Access: Motor vehicles must not be parked on roadways except for loading or unloading.
  18. Children and Dogs: Members may bring children onto the site provided they are supervised, behave well and do not trespass onto other members’ plots. Dogs are permitted if they are kept on a lead and on the member’s own plot.
  19. Site Security: Gates are to be kept locked at all times, except for the main gate during shop opening times.  Members found leaving gates open may risk being asked to surrender their membership of the Association.
  20. Appropriate Behaviour: Members shall be courteous to each other and to the public and shall confine sources of nuisance to their own plots at all times.  In any dispute the decision of the committee shall be final.
  21. Water Tanks: Water tanks shall be left full after use and shall not be used for cleaning of produce, boots, or tools.
  22. Hosepipes: Hosepipes shall not be used without written authority and upon payment of an extra charge which shall be set at the AGM.  Members shall keep on display such written authority in a prominent position on their plots.  Hosepipes shall be hand held at all times.
  23. Associate Membership: Associate members shall pay an associate membership fee of 10p annually.
  24. Fines: Where a penalty for the contravention of a rule is not stated, a fine of 50% of the annual 10-pole rent may be levied at the committee’s discretion for each contravention.  Unpaid fines will be added to rent for the next financial year.
  25. Powered Machinery: The use of all powered equipment on members’ plots shall be restricted to the hours of 9am-8pm (or dusk, whichever is the earlier) seven days a week.
EWAA Rules:  Last updated after 2014 AGM (Rule 19 updated on 12/3/2015 committee meeting)
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