EWAA RULES 2019-2020

When members join the East Ward Allotment Association they agree to the following rules: 


Members agree:

  1. to pay annual rent in advance. (Rent is set at the AGM).  If rent is not paid the Membership Secretary will re-let the plot. 
  2. not to sublet or pass the plot to another person.
  3. to inform Membership Secretary of any change of contact details. 
  4. Not to hold more than 30 poles (750 square metres) of the Association’s land.

Cultivation and maintenance of the plot

Members agree:

  1. to cultivate and maintain the plot according to the Cultivation Guidelines.
  2. to maintain a 60 cm wide footpath along side of the plot.
  3. not to erect any structure without written permission of the Committee.
  4. to allow Committee Members to enter and inspect the plot at any time.
  5. to clearly number the plot. 
  6. to light bonfires only after 6 p.m. or dusk, if earlier. (No bonfires may be lit on Sundays or public holidays).
  7. to burn only dry, plant material. 
  8. to refill water tanks after use and not use the tanks for cleaning purposes. 
  9. not to use hosepipes from EWAA water supply, except in special circumstances, with the written permission of the Committee, and on payment of an annual hosepipe supplement of £20 per half plot per annum. Sprinklers, leaky hoses or any water distribution device apart from hosepipes using EWAA’s water supply, are not permitted under any circumstances. Any permitted hosepipes must always be handheld. Plotholders with cans have priority.
  10. to use power tools only between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. or dusk, if earlier. 

Appropriate behaviour

Members agree:

  1. to respect people’s property. Stealing, receiving or maliciously damaging the Association’s or another member’s property, including produce, will result in notice to quit and expulsion from the Association.
  2. not to enter any other plot (including side paths) without permission.
  3. not to dump garden refuse or rubbish on other plots or communal land including roads.
  4. to supervise children and guests.
  5. to keep dogs on a lead and only on the member’s plot.
  6. to behave in a courteous and respectful manner to other members.
  7. to abide by the decision of the Committee in any dispute. 


Members agree:

  1. to enter the allotment land by motor vehicle only for the purpose of loading or unloading.  (Motor vehicle access may be prohibited in adverse weather conditions).
  2. to keep the gates locked and secure at all times. 
  3. to pay fines levied by the Committee if rules are broken.
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