If you notice this problem on one of your trees, now is the time to act as the caterpillars hatch.
You can:
* Spray 1 – Neem Oil mixed with pure soap in water. Neem oil is an environmentally friendly spray that will kill both eggs and caterpillars.
* Spray 2 – Cider Vinegar, pure soap and light cooking oil (0.25tbsp, 0.5tbsp, 1tbsp) mixed well into a litre of water.

Both sprays need to thoroughly wet the caterpillars and eggs to be effective, so get the spray into the ‘tent’. You may need to spray several times to catch them all, and it is good to vary the spray to stop resistance to the spray building up.

Alternatively, they can be removed by hand if you can reach.
There’s lots more information online.
Tent Moth Infestation – apple trees
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