Happy Monday to all our plot holders! We hope all your plots are surviving Storm Isha.

Today’s communication regards the Nature Reserve which borders the site at the Boundary Brook end.

We urge all plot holders to be aware, particularly those who have a plot which borders the nature reserve, that the nature reserve, while ‘wild’ is also very deliberately tended as a space for plants, birds and animals, and a huge amount of work has gone into this space in the last 5 years. There is also a lot of work going on along the boundaries with our site, comprising hedge laying, grassland cutting, and rotation. 

Please could all plot holders:

  1. Refrain from cutting hedges and coppices along the boundary
  2. Not remove any wood from the nature reserve (as some are deliberate piles for wildlife, the wood isn’t ‘spare’)
  3. Not dump plot waste on nature reserve land. 

If you have any concerns about the boundaries of your please contact the Membership Secretary.

Thank you in advance for observing these rules so that we can continue to exist in harmony with our neighbours at the Nature Reserve, and benefit from the wonderful biodiversity and pollinators their work brings to our site.

IMPORTANT: Boundary Brook Nature Reserve
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