IMPORTANT message to all EWAA plotholders

As we approach the height of summer it is more important than ever that you keep the weeds on your plot under control. Not only does this make cultivation easier but it is equally important for your neighbours. As weeds come into seed these spread on the wind and drift onto other plots. This is a major source of frustration for the EWAA allotment community.

An individual message will be sent to all plotholders who have allowed an excessive number of weeds to flourish on the area that they work. Failure to control these weeds may lead to eviction.

Action: Please control tall weeds on your plot, either by cutting them down or by removing them completely (they can be composted).

Deadline: Tuesday 27 June

If you feel that you can no longer commit to looking after your plot, or you want to reduce its size, please contact the Membership Secretary by emailing

Thank you for your participation in the good management of our valuable site.

Best wishes,

Membership Secretary on behalf of the EWAA Committee

Weed Warning
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