• Why do we need to change the locks?

The old padlocks are worn and cannot be closed easily.

The new padlocks will improve site security.

  • How will the new keys improve security?

Keys cannot be duplicated, and each has a unique number. Therefore, each numbered key belongs to a registered plotholder.

  • Who can have a key?

One key is available for each registered current plotholder.

  • What if a plot has joint plotholders?

Keys are available for each REGISTERED current plotholder (up to maximum of two names per plot.)

  • What is the cost of the new padlocks and keys for the Association?

Changing the locks is expensive. The cost of each key is £15.00. The cost of all the keys, padlocks and fitting the padlocks is over £2,500. The Association is paying 50% of the price of the keys for CURRENT registered plotholders only. NEW plotholders will pay the full price of £15.00.

  • How much will registered plotholders pay for keys?

Each current registered plotholder will pay a  DEPOSIT of £7.50 for each key. When they return the key on giving up the plot, they will receive £15.00.

New plotholders (joining after November 2021) will pay a deposit of £15.00

  • When will the padlocks be replaced with new padlocks?

The new locks will hopefully be installed on Monday 29th November.

  • When can registered plotholders collect keys?

The first opportunity for collecting keys is Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of November 10-12.00 on both days. Other times will be offered to people who cannot come on those days.

  • Where can keys be collected?

Keys will be distributed in the shop and deposits can only be paid by card (No cash).

  • What if keys are lost?

In the case of lost keys, copies can only be obtained from the Association by contacting the Membership Secretary, membership@ewaa.org.uk

The cost of each replacement will be £15.

  • Any further questions?

If there any further questions, please contact chair@ewaa.org.uk

Please help us by checking that your contact details are correct. Thank you!

New keys – more details
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