The EWAA Annual General Meeting October 17th 2021 was attended by 24 plotholders. Full Draft Minutes will be on the website soon.

Thanks to all those who turned up, and those who have joined or remained on the committee. If you are interested in any finding out more about any of the vacant posts, do get in touch. Until we have a shop officer confirmed, we will not have a shop!

New Committee for 2021-2022

Committee officers:

Chair: Meryl Wilford
Vice-chair (Vacant)
Treasurer: Jon Willis
Membership Secretary: Mike Yeadon
Shop Officer: (Vacant)
Communications Officer Clare Ferguson
Tools and MachineryTony Flett
Secretary: (Vacant)

Committee members
Dan Thorpe
George Murray
Simon Bazley
Mike McNaboe
Nina Allen
Sarah Pollard
Andra Pirvu
Bridget Henderson

Approval of non-committee shop duty only volunteers
Helen Edwards
Vicky Bell
Jane Nimmo-Smith

Meryl Wilford,
Pat Mansfield
Chris Clifford

AGM update
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