Over recent weeks several members have reported their concern at the increasingly regular presence in the EWAA car parks of local drug users, especially around the pile of woodchip outside the gate to the Middle and Howard Street Lanes.

Please contact the police whenever you witness any drug-related behaviour on or around the allotment site:

  1. Call 999 immediately if there is no doubt what is happening. Police officers will be despatched without delay and anyone found with drugs on them will be charged with an offence.
  2. If there is a delay because you remember something after the event and think that drug use may have occurred, you should report it to the police on their non-emergency number – 101.

The committee has reported the general pattern of behaviour to the Thames Valley Police, incident number INC-20210922-1228, and both the Community Policing Team and the Oxford Public Spaces Drug Taskforce are taking up the matter. Any one of you can use the TVP website to add further details to the incident www.thamesvalley.police.uk/.

The more reports they receive the more police presence we can expect.

EWAA Committee

Drug users in EWAA car parks
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