The use of slug pellets which contain the toxic chemical metaldehyde will be banned from March 2022. 

Metaldehyde is a poison which can also kill species such as birds and mammals. It is toxic to pets and to people, and rain carries it into drinking water reservoirs.

If you have to resort to slug pellets, some are certified for use in organic growing, and are on sold in the EWAA shop. They contain ferric phosphate which will degrade harmlessly in the soil.  However, these pellets also contain chemicals which can be harmful to earthworms and to soil life.  Use them sparingly, only 4 or 5 pellets per plant, and only occasionally.

Please DO NOT throw metaldehyde pellets into your household rubbish. Take them to the Redbridge Waste Centre, and contact the committee if you have difficulty getting there.

EWAA Committee

Metaldehyde Slug Pellets
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