The new online ordering process seems to be working well, with over 50 bags of compost delivered last weekend.

The Ewaa shop online ordering process

However there seems to be some confusion about how the online ordering process works. So for clarity:-

  1. Send an email to saying what you’d like, remembering to include your plot number.
  2. Someone will reply on Friday night or Saturday morning (apologies if its late, it’s a time consuming manual process), explaining what of your order can be supplied and how much it’ll be, and what the EWAA bank details are (with a reminder to ensure the plot numbet is visible).
  3. Some time before Sunday, you make a bank transfer, with your plot number as reference.
  4. On Sunday morning, someone checks the bank for payments received and draws up a list of deliveries.
  5. These are then delivered through Sunday.

If payments aren’t received by Sunday morning, or if we can’t identify the plot, delivery will have to wait until the following weekend.

We have had a few thefts reported, following peoples deliveries last weekend. If you’re concerned about thefts, then liase with the shop officer to arrange collection from the shop on Sunday Morning (normally at 11am). If you’ve arranged to collect your items and don’t turn up, they’ll be held until the following Sunday.

Seeds/bulbs and other perishables

The decision was taken in the March committee, that with the shop closing for the foreseeable future, we’d run down our stock of perishable goods. As such we have not been restocking potatoes, seeds or bulbs beyond the orders already made before the lock-down. That said there are some seeds left in the shop: Courgettes, Pumpkins, Squash, Cabbage, Swede, Japanese Green Boy, Brussels Sprout and Tomato. I believe there are some broad beans left too. I’ll present a list in future postings on here.

Shop news – May 2020
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2 thoughts on “Shop news – May 2020

  • 16th May 2020 at 4:31 pm

    Would I be able to get a new gate key if I came along to the shop 11-12 Sunday…? Stewart

    • 16th May 2020 at 11:08 pm

      Hi Stewart, the shop is currently closed, other than online orders, so no to visiting. Also, I’m not aware of a stock of spare keys, you’d probably be best off asking Mike via I’ll check the shop when I’m in tomorrow.


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