The first delivery of Potatoes was a big success, and we sold the last bag on the weekend of 23rd Feb.  The shop volunteers pointed out that I hadn’t communicated the reason for the new plan for potato sales this year, so apologies for that:  Last year we bought about 250kg of Potatoes and had to throw away 30kgs unsold.  So this year we decided to buy less, and buy in 2kg bags (and sell only in whole kilo’s), so we’d have less wastage.  This seems to have worked well so far.  

The second delivery of potatoes arrived this week, so we now have Duke of York (1st Early), Charlotte (Salad & 2nd Early), Nadine (2nd Early), Cara, Desiree and Orla (all Maincrop) varieties in the shop, ready for the weekend of 1st March.

As March is upon us, the shop opening times are a changing.  As always, during March and April, the shop will be open from 10am until 12 noon.  

Shop News March 2020

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