Tree Felling By Hand (Beginners) Courses

This winter we will be offering two tree felling courses at Boundary Brook Nature Park.  The courses aim to provide a practical introduction to safe and efficient tree felling using hand tools.  There are 8 places available on each course.

Tree Felling By Hand (Beginners)

Saturday 30th November, 10am to 3pm, FREE 

Tree Felling By Hand (Beginners)

Sunday 1st December, 10am to 3pm, FREE

Nearly 30 years ago, many birch trees were planted at Boundary Brook with the intention they would ‘nurse’ dense scrub.  Many were never intended to become high-canopy trees shading out the adjacent allotments.  These are ear-marked for cutting down this winter.  Many of these cut trees will grow again and this regrowth will be thickened with new shrub and additional hard-wood planting.  Most of the birch to be felled are clean, straight and provide ideal models for the basic principles of safe and efficient tree felling, using simple hand tools. 

On the course you will learn about beaks and brashing, hinges and hitches and something about birch as a timber, firewood and source of ambrosial wine!

Please note the course is for felling with simple hand tools NOT chainsaws.

Courses are aimed at adults 18+

Tea and coffee will be provided but please bring your own food for lunch & snacks.

Please dress sensibly for the weather as we will be outside all day.

To book your place follow one of the links below:

Tree felling by hand (beginners) 30th Nov

Tree felling by hand (beginners) 1st Dec

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Boundary Brook Reserve – Tree Felling Courses this winter

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