Naturehood launches in Oxford:

The Naturehood website is now LIVE! You can take part by registering on our new website. Naturehood is a project created by Earthwatch Europe which focuses on local wildlife. Individual actions for wildlife are fantastic, but imagine what we could achieve if whole communities work together towards a common goal. Our initial target areas are Oxford and Swindon, but anybody in the UK can sign-up and start discovering the wildlife on their doorstep, and by involving your neighbours your community can also become a Naturehood.

Take self-guided surveys and use our spotter’s guides to help with identification, and learn about the wildlife in your garden and how to help it thrive by following our Naturespace actions. Take a quiz to see if you know your bees from your butterflies and your hogs from your frogs!

By repeating these surveys you can help us to build a clearer picture of the biodiversity in your area, and see how your actions are helping.

Notice the nature around you, take action, and share on our social media pages – we would love to see the creatures you discover!

Social media links:

Thank you, and happy surveying!

Chloë – Naturehood Oxford Community Engagement Officer


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