A plotholder has recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease, a potentially serious illness, which they are believed to have picked up from a tick bite, on the allotment site. Lyme is transmitted by ticks, small blood-sucking creatures which also feed on deer, which as you probably know are present on our site.

If you notice a bite developing a bullseye colouration as shown, please consult your doctor straight away and ask about Lyme disease. With prompt antibiotic treatment, the more serious symptoms of the disease can be avoided. This colouration does not always occur, if you develop unexplained flu-like symptoms please also consult your doctor and again, do mention the possibility of Lyme disease

A classic bull's-eye Lyme disease rash on an arm

More information can be found on the government website here or the NHS site here.

Lyme Disease – please be aware

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