Dear All, you may have noticed the pile of rubbish by the shop. Some of this was dumped, presumably by plotholders, in the Children’s Allotment’s large white skip. As the pay by the kilo for waste disposal, they are understandably unwilling to to have us use their skip, and have removed the rubbish. In addition, people have added more rubbish to the pile by the shop.

As a site we have no regular waste collection from the collection and no prospect of affording one. It is up to all plotholders to dispose of their own rubbish, other than when we hire a skip in the autumn for this purpose. We do this only once a year due to the high cost (which must be funded through rent monies). Dumping rubbish anywhere else on site means that the committee, who are all volunteers, have to deal with it on behalf of everyone. This is not what we signed up for! Furthermore, flytipping is both against our rules and illegal, and anyone found to be dumping rubbish on site will be dealt with accordingly. Please deal with your own rubbish by taking it home for waste collection or to the dump!


One thought on “Flytipping

  • 28th March 2019 at 6:28 pm

    How about we crowdfund a skip? I’ve had several bags of rubbish sitting on my plot for several years, when there has been a skip I haven’t heard about it or it gets full very quickly. Wind blown or thrown from gardens none of that rubbish is mine. The fact that plotholders have dumped it by the shop suggests there is a demand. How much does it cost to hire a skip?


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