Plot inspections will be taking place at the end of this week, and we will be looking to re-let those plots that are not being used according to the rules, unless we have heard from you and agreed to extend the time allowed for getting them in order. It is the rule, and a great help to the committee, that each plot should have it’s number displayed. Shed labelled with large numerals


Side paths are the responsibility of the neighbouring plotholders, and should be maintained and mown by them. They are not footpaths for the use of one and all, please stick to the main paths and your own side paths.

Please keep an eye on the waterbutts – they should be left full for the next user, but are occasionally left with the tap running and overflow – do turn the tap off if you see this happening or about to happen! Our water is metered, and we pay the bills with the rent money. Children sometimes love to play with them, but again, if yours are getting carried away, please redirect them to play with it in buckets or watering cans on your plot rather than at the water tank itself.



Rules reminders!

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