2nd Oxford Cubs (based in Ridgefield Rd) want to do their gardening badge but they need somewhere to do some gardening. They’d like to volunteer their time between 6.30-8pm on these dates:  30/4, 21/5, 11/6, 16/7.
There are around 18 cubs (age 7-10), and can be dispersed between a few allotments.
They need to use at least 3 different tools and watch plants grow. Ideally they would plant something the first session and then watch it grow, so working on the same allotments each time is preferred.
Whilst the allotmenteers attendance isn’t strictly necessary it is recommended to ensure that the right tasks are done and weeding is done correctly!
Let us know if you think you could offer some space for them to do this!
Cub scouts offering gardening help

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