We hire a skip each year (this year two, due to the first being filled in one day), at considerable expense, to allow plotholders to dispose of rubbish. We do not have a regular waste collection due to the cost and practicalities of access. At other times we ask plotholders to dispose of their own rubbish by taking it to Redbridge, or home to add to the normal waste collection if appropriate. Please keep in mind the difficulties of waste disposal when considering whether to bring things that are “bound to be useful” to the site – either you or subsequent plotholders will have to deal with them at some point!

Under no circumstances should rubbish be dumped on other people’s plots, and anyone doing this will be required to remove the rubbish immediately and dispose of it properly. They may also risk being asked to surrender their membership of the Association.

If anyone reading this was responsible for balancing a pile of mostly broken glass on a bramble patch on site recently, please take the earliest opportunity to remove it.

Rubbish dumping

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