Boundary Brook Nature Park is in need of a revamp, and we want YOU to be a part of it. The park, adjacent to our allotment site, is a beautiful fenced-in natural area that brings wilderness to the heart of our community. Since 1990, the Oxford Urban Wildlife Group (OUWG) has been in charge of this vital asset.

OUWG invites you to be a part of an energised membership, and will be holding a meeting on November 7 to discuss how to take this park into the future and to link it more closely to the community. The aim is to make it a natural resource for children’s education, a sanctuary for indigenous wildlife conservation and a place of solace and wonderment for visitors of all ages.

A revitalised OUWG committee would hope to accomplish these aims through active membership participation, school visits and regular open days to the public. Come to the Florence Park Community Centre at 7:30 pm on 7 November to hear about our plans and possibly to be a part of this exciting community resource. 

Boundary Brook Nature Park – public meeting on 7th November

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