Andy Howard of the Heritage fruit tree company will be coming to the EWAA site on 11th March with fruit trees and bushes for sale, plus relevant paraphernalia. More details will be available for pre-ordering soon.

Meantime he is running two courses: 25th Feb on pruning, and 4th March on grafting. Details below.

Winter Pruning Course – Saturday 25-Feb-17 from 10.00 to 3.30pm

Our Winter Pruning Course in January sold out quickly, so here’s our second edition for 2017.

Join expert Orchard Arborist Andy Howard for a day’s training course, to learn the theory and practice of Winter Pruning.

Learn the theory, skills and practice of winter pruning for fruit trees such as apple and pear. Discover the different methods and techniques used to shape fruit trees, control their size and influence their productivity. Find out when and how to apply these to suit different circumstances and different types of top fruit.

Practice the theory on real fruit trees, to gain these skills yourself and help get the confidence to apply them in your own orchard, garden or community orchard. Or, why not help a neighbour get their fruit trees into shape?

Grafting Course – Saturday 4th March 17 from 10.00 to 3.00pm

Join expert Nursery man and Grafter  Andy Howard for a day’s training course, to learn the theory and practice of grafting.

Learn the theory, skills and practice of grafting fruit trees. Find out about the different methods and techniques used to join up scionwood (the one to two year-old wood of the variety you want to grow for its fruit) with the rootstock (a standardised variety with known characteristics for vigour, ultimate tree size and resistance to disease) to create a new fruit tree.

Practice the theory with hands-on work, to create two new fruit trees that you can take home to grow on and plant out, in your garden or orchard. Scionwood from a choice of heritage varieties will be provided by Andy, along with different types of rootstock, so you can create customised fruit trees to suit your own requirements.

Both courses will be held at 27 Walton Avenue, Twyford, Adderbury, OX17 3JY. Free on-street parking is available.

The price for each course per person is £40 for members of the Mid Shires Orchard Group (MSOG) and
£50 for non-members. Non-members will receive a year’s membership to MSOG. A free light lunch and refreshments will be provided on the day.

Please email Andy at:, tel 0795000 6813 to find out more about the course, make payment and book your place

Fruit tree courses and upcoming sale

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