TasksDamaged PlotPlot-holderDateCommittee MemberAction Taken
ASSESS DAMAGE131bCiprian Dascalescu20/01/2023JWWalked site with Ciprian and assessed damage. Most of the damage is to his main shed on plot 130b.
134bSmilja Vincic21/01/2023MWPhoned to inform Smelja that her shed is completely destroyed as it was directly adjacent to the shed on 130b. Her plastic rain tank and composting bin were also half melted.
In fact she had already spoken to Ciprian who had told her by phone what had happened but she was glad to talk to someone from the Committee and intends to visit the site herself this weekend. I said we would help her with clear up but needed to confirm when this should be done in case any toxicity.
23/01/2023JMVisit Smelja to discuss the events in person. Emphasised that nothing should be touched until we have clear guidelines from expert contractors/fire brigade, because there are toxins in the area.
130bPetrica Vorniceanu21/01/2023MWSent email to Petrica who is plotholder where the large shed was set on fire — is she Ciprian’s wife?
129bChris Rumble21/01/2023JMSpoke to Chris who visited the site to inspect the damage once he’d seen the email.
His greenhouse was completely destroyed, and his shed singed, with window panes blown out.
He expressed his concern that Ciprian had been allowed to build such a large shed, and store inappropriate items in it, whereas another nearby plot-holders had been told to halt expansion of his shed. 
22/01/2023JWSpoke to Chris who visited the site to take another look. 
INFORM ALL MEMBERS21/01/2023JWPosted news to the website.
REPORT ARSON TO TVP21/01/2023JWReported crime number to police: reference no. DP-2246-23-4343-IR
22/01/2023JWTVP confirmed that with no CCTV footage or chance of getting finger prints, they would not be following up on the arson.
SECURE THE SITE20/01/2023JWReplace the main gate lock which was destroyed by the fire brigade
22/01/2023JMInvoice approved.
INSURANCE22/01/2023JWConfirmed that EWAA is not covered for this sort of damage, neither loss or clear-up costs.
22/01/2023JWTVP confirmed that with no CCTV footage or chance of getting finger prints, they would not be following up on the arson.
CLEAR-UP25/01/2023BHCirculate advice from fire service of toxicity and guidance on how to clear up.
pendingJMInvestigate/ quotes clear-up options from specialist firm, such as Grundons.
26/01/2023JMDeliver printed copy of letter from fire service to the three plot-holders affected.
STORING FLAMMABLE MATERIALS(paints/ aerosols/ fuel)
22/01/2023BHHSE info on petrol storage: https://www.hse.gov.uk/fireandexplosion/petroleum.htm
pendingBHFollowing up with local fire officers to confirm what flammable materials were involved in the blaze.
pendingJMCheck OCC rules & current lease for reference to storage of flammable material on allotment sites 
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