Woodchip pile, possible hazards

Please be careful when taking woodchips from the pile outside the gate, and supervise your children around it. We have had reports of nasty/sharp and dangerous rubbish in and around that area. We are working with the council and local police to try and reduce anti-social behaviour in the gateways and car parks, but in the meantime please be cautious and also keep those gates locked.

Lost greenhouse panel:

If has anyone found a transparent, slightly milky plastic panel (roughly 60×120 cm) that looks like it could have come off the roof of a greenhouse (blown off by the wind), could you please either put it in the greenhouse on plot 204, or let the committee know, via email or the shop. Thank you.





Dear All, please lock the gates whenever you come in and out! We are finding them open or unlocked quite often at the moment, and as there has been a bit of an issue with anti-social behaviour around the Cricket Road gates lately (not by plotholders!) we would like to keep the site as secure as we can. Please do get in touch with us at the hotmail address if you have any particular concerns.

Many thanks,

The EWAA committee

Gates being left open

Please make sure you lock the gates behind you when coming in or out. They have been left open several times lately and we would rather not have uninvited visitors on site.

Also please close the car park gates at the main entrance if you are the last one to leave.

Thanks everyone


End of vehicle ban

The paths have now dried out, and are open for vehicle use again. Please only drive on them to deliver or collect items to or from  your plot, and use your discretion re the weather. If the paths become very wet again the vehicle ban may be reinstated.


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