• Naturehood launches in Oxford:

    The Naturehood website is now LIVE! You can take part by registering on our new website. Naturehood is a project created by Earthwatch Europe which focuses on local wildlife. […]

  • Come and join us for lunch provided free of charge by plotholder Shamsul Hoque and your committee! We will start at 12 and will have children’s games and activities as well as the oddest thing found on an […]

  • Lots going on this weekend, Barracks Lane Garden’s family activity day on Saturday (see below) and on Sunday our neighbours at the Children’s Allotment (behind our shop) have an event:

    All Welcome at the […]

  • Don’t forget the swap this Sunday, 11 -12. Please bring seeds, seedlings and plants to swap and share, and meet your fellow plotholders.

    The shop will also be open and will have tomato, pepper and […]

  • It’s that time again – you somehow have 8 courgette seedlings but none of your leeks came up! Rest assured, someone else has too many leeks, and their friend is in dire need of courgettes – bring what you […]

  • Have you seen anything weird growing on your plot lately? A plotholder on the top road (Howard St side) has recently discovered morels on her allotment and we are wondering if anyone else has them. They may have […]

  • At long last we have our new taps, many thanks to all those involved in organising this and to the council for getting the work done. The tanks are not all in place yet, please don’t flood the sites before we get […]

  • claref wrote a new post, Summer social 3 months ago

    Dear all

    Thank you very much those who have offered to help with the event on 8th June. I would like to hold a planning meeting on the evening of 1st May at 7.30 at my house, 120 Reliance Way OX4 2FQ. […]

  • claref wrote a new post, Slow worms 3 months ago

    As it warms up we can expect the slow worms to start emerging from the nature reserve. You may find them in your compost heap, under any black plastic mulch, or basking anywhere warm. Remember, they are NOT […]

  • Hi all,

    Some extra info re last weeks post on Lyme disease:

    The plotholder concerned is up and about and doing ok with the help of antibiotics – our best wishes to her.To transmit Lyme disease, ticks have […]

  • A plotholder has recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease, a potentially serious illness, which they are believed to have picked up from a tick bite, on the allotment site. Lyme is transmitted by ticks, small […]

  • Many thanks to Andy Howard for a highly informative and practical talk on summer pruning on Saturday. If you are winter pruning for growth, you should be summer pruning to manage it for fruiting!

    If you missed […]

  • Dear All, you may have noticed the pile of rubbish by the shop. Some of this was dumped, presumably by plotholders, in the Children’s Allotment’s large white skip. As the pay by the kilo for waste disposal, they […]

  • Don’t forget, the shop is open 10-12 through March and April so you can buy your seed potatoes as well as many other Allotment Essentials!

  • Many of you will have noticed the enormous amount of work that has been done over the winter in Boundary Brook Nature Reserve. The EWAA management committee have been delighted to see things finally happening, […]

  • See here: https://ewaa.org.uk/heritage-fruit-stocklist-col-6_3_19a/

    This excel spreadsheet from the Heritage Fruit Co contains a list of their current stock, pages Row 1 and Row 8 being apparently the most […]

  • Andy Howard of the Heritage Fruit Company will be with us on the morning of 30th March selling his fantastic fruit trees and bushes, and talking on fruit management. Watch this space for further details and a […]

  • claref wrote a new post, Skips 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    The big white skip in the Children’s Allotment area behind our shop was paid for by that group and is for their use only. Please don’t dump rubbish in it. If you are responsible for the items already left in it […]

  • If you have a pond on your plot or in your garden, this is for you! the PondNet Spawn Survey is collecting data on the breeding success of frogs and toads around the country, and they want to know about your […]

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