EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes

12 March 2015, 7.30pm

Attendees: Julian Stern (Chair), Josie Powell, Stewart Young, Sarah Pollard, Tony Flett, , Pat Mansfield, Peter Corcutt, George Murray, Jane Millar, Bridget Henderson, Meryl Wilford, Clare Ferguson

  1. Apologies: Helen Edwards, Jane Nimmo-Smith
  2. Minutes of last meeting – Julian to share. Actions from last meeting completed.
  3. Matters arising – Action: George to share membership rules (?) to members
  4. Treasurer’s Report – budget healthy. £7,755 in bank with no big commitments and shop sales picking up.
  5. Membership report – 4 plots allocated. Waiting list small and 13 vacant plots. Some plots becoming un-letable so we considered whether to take some out of commission – specifically 97(?)
    Actions: George to review plots in March.
    George to contact organisations (like refuge resource) that might help turn plots around. Josie to make new sign for noticeboard.
  6. Proposal to produce only ‘Decisions & Actions’ minutes at committee meetings.
    Agreed to just include item discussed, decision and action point.
  7. Proposal to amend Rule 19 Site Security: replace “closed” with “locked” (re gates) – Pat proposed, Sarah seconded, carried. Action: change on document and website.
  8. Grant Application – Julian applied for £400 for noticeboards, £800 for shed roof.
  9. Tree Matters – growing trees and hedges – Peter concerned that plots are losing workable ground due to shade and suckers (esp. between plots on shop and middle road). Discussed whether it’s a work party job, the responsibility of individual plotholders (and do they know about rules on heights etc.), or whether we need expert help. Action: Stewart, George and Clare volunteered to be part of tree review. Ask Chris Gamblin to take a look.
  10. Website training and communication – need to sort out website esp. if comments are activated. Action: Julian check with Mike and create a form for questions and messages etc. Add posts about tree height and reminder of certain rules.
  11. Allotment holders’ responsibilities – discussed whether to talk to plotholders about junk on plots, lack of numbering. Idea of running a competition for best number sign.
  12. Committee meeting dates – are on website.
  13. AOB:
  • Whitehouse report; no further report.
  • UWG buffer zone clearance; area left uncleared and trees growing too tall. Action: Chris to remind Alan Hart.
  • Raised beds report; nearly complete, awaiting a bag of compost
  • Machinery; discussion on strimmers.
  • Shop report; Order form and catalogue in shop if anyone has requests, min order is 5. Action: Sarah to place order for beans, sweetcorn etc. Greet offered to do a willow weaving class – Sarah to gauge interest. Fruit man visit has been advertised.
  • Mowing rota; Richard to continue on far road, Tony on shop road. Chris R unable to do middle road and play area. Action: advertise for someone to pick it up.
  • Spring event; Others can organise events if they volunteer.
  • Coppice material to be cleared from play area; Chris and Stewart to move into one area. Action: Josie to advertise as pea sticks
  • Water butt on first road has a leak. Tony will start repair and invited people to help. Willow logs available on Tony’s plot to be shifted to shop area for collection.
  • Communal poo; Looking for new supplier. Action: Put notice in shop to encourage people to get their own.
  • Car park pot hole; fill attempted but not successful.
  • Front gates and gate posts; reinstall posts for gates on car park. See if council can repair other car park gate.
  • Willow pollarding logs;
  • Notice boards; discussed earlier.
  • Gate at the top by the Boundary Brook flats – discussed a solution to rubbish and whether it’s OUWG responsibility.
EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes – 12 March 2015

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