DRAFT – EWAA Annual General Meeting – MINUTES

Thursday 25th September 2014

Chair:                   Julian Stern
Minutes:             Josie Powell
Present:             Jon Willis, Chris Parker, Stewart Young, Sarah Pollard, Pat Mansfield, Tony Flett, Chris Flett, Mike Harris, Alex Stonor, Bridget Henderson, Jane Nimmo-Smith, Clare  Ferguson, Meryl Wilford 

Apologies:          Helen Costello, Helen Edwards, Jane Millar

Minutes of AGM, 26 Sept 2013: No comments. Approved

EGM 2013: it was noted that we completed the shop renovation within the year as we promised. Minutes approved

President’s Report:
At start of year no one wanted to take on the president’s role. Chris agreed to take on another term with the support of four vice presidents. During that time Chris had to resign his position to recuperate from ill health, and work forced John Cropper to give up position. This left three vice presidents sharing roles. Each reports below:

Stewart Young:

Key points for the year:

  • Shop safety and cosmetic improvements were needed and done. Our issue now is to find out what people really want from the shop area and we will survey them at rent day.
  • There is a strong sense of community with lots of help at the site with plenty of support at work parties. A question remains over whether to continue social events. Again members will be surveyed.
  • Growing conditions for the year were good with less flooding, and warm dry weather conducive to growing veg so a good level of cultivation is expected.
  • There is an ongoing problem with unwanted deliveries of wood chippings
  • WHP-we need to decide what to do and whether to take it on as a facility for plotholders. Ian Haynes has been contacted.
  • Reporting from the Oxford Allotment Federation Stuart noted our marginal rent rise due from   2015, payable in arrears in March 2016.
  • EWAA won a grant approx £1300 to get raised beds for plot 1. Stuart thanked Jon for his quick work in helping to put in the bid.

Chris Parker:

Key points for the year:

  • In the shop the committee had agreed to put in a roof and insulate it to help keep the area warm. Chris put in a loft hatch and an electrician put lights in the roof void.
  • As liaison point with the OUWG Chris reported that he’s been developing a regular and friendly relationship with Alan which keeps things amicable. We are aware of the broken gate which was caused by a skip lorry and notices are going up. It was noted that the skip needs collecting before it rains and the ground gets waterlogged.

Julian Stern

Key points for the year:

  • Looking forward it would be nice to have plan for the Whitehouse Project. Proposed that we should encourage the council to bring it back to life, in conjunction with any other interested parties.
  • Noted that Julian expressed thanks to everyone who worked on shop

Treasurer’s Report :

See appendix for breakdown of accounts.

1. Total sales are less than last year. After April sales dropped and some stock was marked down as the shop was closed down and cleaned out for renovation.

2. There was a small profit on the trading side.

3. A major part of expenditure was on the shop renovation but the work still came in under our allocated budget agreed at the 2013 AGM.

4. Rental income remains a major contributor to EWAA funds

5. The balance in our deposit account stands at £7,099, with £1,013 in the current account.

Membership Secretary’s Report:

Chris reported on behalf of AnnHelen.
There are currently 144 unique plotholders, with 96 half, 73 full, 4 quarter, and 6 WHP squares rented out in total.

There are 11 half plots and 2 full plots free and 14 people on the waiting list, 8 of whom are still actively interested. More plots are expected to be freed up during rent days after which AnnHelen will start to let out the available plots.

There are 2 half, 2 full that we can’t let due to drainage problems.

Julian asked people to put up notices on work noticeboards and to think of other places to advertise to fill plots.

Election of Trustees:

3 required according to the constitution though we’ve only had two for the past year.

  • Meryl Wilford – Josie proposed/Pat seconded
  • Pat Mansfield – Chris proposed/Bridget seconded.
  • Chris Parker – Pat proposed/Sarah seconded

Election of Officers for 2014-2015:

  • President: Julian Stern – Stewart proposed/Jane seconded
  • Vice-President: Chris ParkerStewart proposed/Jon seconded

Noted that Bridget would consider if more people were able to share role

Stewart stepping down

  • Treasurer: Jon Willis is going to Uganda for 6 months but Julian has agreed to take on some of the daily role with Jon returning to the role. Julian proposed/Sarah seconded.
  • Secretary: Josie Powell – Sarah proposed/Chris seconded
  • Membership Secretary: AnnHelen Parker is to step down from the role but has agreed to do a handover. No other nominations so Chris said that AnnHelen would agree to stay on to the end of the year. Julian proposed/Pat seconded

It was agreed that the role could possibly be split between a field officer that does inspections, and another person who does the computing side. Stewart suggested AnnHelen let us know roughly how the role is divided and how many letter and emails she sends per year.

  • Shop Officer: Sarah Pollard – Bridget proposed/Pat seconded.

Sarah is keen to make use of space now it’s been developed and has booked Heritage Fruit to do a session on pruning on 29th November. She will gather ideas at rent days what people want from the shop area to build a better community.

Alex suggested writing job descriptions for rent days-large format bullet points.

Jon proposed that the shop officer and president be signatories. No objections.

Sarah extended thanks to all those who had volunteered as officers over the last year, and those who had come forward for  this year, including committee members.

Election of machinery manager for 2014-2015:

  • Tony Flett – Bridget proposed/Mike seconded.

Election of Committee Members for 2014-2015:

Everyone still happy to be on committee – Josie to check with  Peter Corcutt.

  • Pat Mansfield
  • Jane Millar
  • Jane Nimmo-Smith
  • Peter Corcutt?
  • Helen Edwards
  • Mike Harris
  • Bridget Henderson
  • Clare Ferguson
  • Stewart Young

Mike happy to do shop more often.

Rent: 2014-15:
Julian proposed that we keep the rent at £21 per full plot and £10.50 per half/Pat seconded. Concessions are £13 for full, £6.50 for half but the concession is only available on the first plot.

Work Party dates:
15-16 November, and 24-25 January. Agreed we should put a plan together to work on plot one.

Proposed rule changes:
Stewart proposed change to the rule on machinery so that they can be used from 9am to 8pm on ALL days. Chris seconded. 9 For/1 against/2 abstentions. Carried.

Pat proposed a change to rule 12 altering the wording to read:
Footpaths: Each plot shall have a footpath along one side of the 24 inches (60cm) in width for the use of adjacent plotholders ONLY.  It shall be maintained by members who use it. Jane seconded.

Constitution changes. Firstly, the number of trustees-which we agreed should be 3. Second, change the number of committee member to at least 5.


Tues 25th November is the Oxford Federation’s gardener’s question time.
Public liability insurance-Mike has it to display on board.
Sarah to ask Alison to send back keys.
Tony noted that we need a new water trough on road 1
Agreed that we are happy with the new electrics and can pay electrician.

Date of next AGM:

Thursday 24th September 2015

Appendix – breakdown of accounts

DRAFT – EWAA AGM Minutes 25 September 2014

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