EWAA Committee Meeting Agenda
10 July 2014, 7.30pm
Attendees: Stewart Young (chair), Josie Powell, Sarah Pollard, Jon Willis, Tony Flett, Pat Mansfield, Alison Gridley, Peter Corcutt
Apologies: AnnHelen Parker, Chris Parker, Jane Millar, Jane Nimmo-Smith, Helen Edwards, Mike Harris, Bridget Henderson
Minutes of last meeting: Change attendees to include Tony Flett. No further action to take
Matters arising
Treasurer’s report
Cash in bank £8,160, shop sales since Sept £1,839, purchases £1,469. Sarah said sales sound low and suggested an analysis of sales and whether we’d broken even on potatoes, onions and other items. Jon and Alison agreed to do a stock-take in August and add to the shop plan going forward.
Equipment: £98 taken/£430 in maintenance costs. It was suggested that we lengthen the time available to rent rather than just an hour on Sunday, though this is currently possible if people contact the team. Whitehouse owes £75.
Membership report
No update. The committee needs to find out date of next plot inspection as some people are grumbling about adjacent plots not being worked.
Machinery update
All working fine. Tony mowed today and strimmed top road.
Shop report
Partly covered in item 4 above. Suggestion put forward that we could we survey plotholders to see whether they use the shop, what they want etc.
Shop improvement work – painting arrangements/dates/restock.
Julian made suggestions in the last meeting about painting in August. Did we set up a sub-committee to look into plans – if so who was involved? Julian/Chris? Sarah would like to be part of the committee too and will follow up to find out progress. Agreed that the sub-committee should forward suggestions to the committee and circulate dates in August for work to be undertaken (people willing to volunteer to help).
Building  improvement work – tool store roof.
Peter proposed installing a sloping roof superimposed on top of the existing one to fix the leaks. We discussed how high it would it have to go and whether it would be above windows in the toilet blocking out light. Discussion on materials to use included bitumen panels and Perspex (not considered suitable). Sarah suggested that it should be the council’s responsibility to stop leak and make repairs. Action: Stewart to email Ian Haynes to investigate.
UWG liaison  –  buffer zones, paths,  re-instatement of gate.
Stewart had noticed some strimming work had been done but lots of areas are left overgrown. The gate on the shop road is still off and we should ask them to replace particularly with picnic coming up on 3rd August and we don’t want people to roam the allotments. Action: Josie to send message about picnic to plotholders. Action: Chris Parker to contact to resolve both issues and clarify that people shouldn’t enter the site or use toilet facilities.
Wood chippings
3 new loads of chippings dropped by unidentified sources. Sarah proposed locking the outer gate but it’s problematical as it’s not our land. Action: Josie to make notices with wording supplied by Julian. Peter agreed to paint a notice that is more permanent. Also agreed that we’d put ad in ‘What’s on Oxford’ to see if people take them away and Josie to send message to plotholders to flag up that chippings are freely available.
Bulk purchase of compost
Following on from free manure Jon suggested offering compost to encourage better plot husbandry. Discussed alternatives such as mushroom compost and council compost and agreed that Stewart would initially ask the council and federation if they could supply. Jon agreed to investigate prices of mushroom, topsoil and other compost. We would ask plotholders to contribute per barrow to cover some of the cost but realise that overall we might incur a loss.
Grant application
Deadline Friday 8th August. The focus for grants is reducing waiting lists and to make more plots available. Therefore we may be able to get a grant to improve soil, drainage works etc making more plots workable. Jon to look into possibilities.
Recruitment for membership & shop officers
At the AGM we need to recruit a president, membership secretary, shop officer, and more committee members. Action: Josie to send descriptions to membership with job descriptions. Sarah potentially interested in shop officer role.
Response to hedge mutilation in car park
Stuart contacted Ian Haynes to ascertain whether the council had carried out the work. They hadn’t and confirmed that it wasn’t part of their remit. Discussion followed on whether the work actually opens up the area and acts as a disincentive for people to trespass and get up to mischief on the land. However, it was agreed that the perpetrators should have consulted EWAA first and as such Stewart will write an amicable but explanatory letter to the adjacent house to ensure it doesn’t happen in future.
Stuart reported on the situation. The front gate was glued, middle gate broke then jammed on (wear and tear), but both have been fixed. It was suggested, and agreed, that we have a spare padlock and chain ready in case of future problems as we have 5 on site. Cost is about £20.
Autumn Event & Competition
Agreed that this would go ahead on 1st sat in 6th Sept. 2-5pm. Action: Josie to circulate details of plans from last year.
Brambles across paths
Agreed that we should encourage people to snip off brambles that cross the paths. The shop path to middle gate and beyond is particularly affected.
Set dates for committee meetings
Next meeting 11th Sept; AGM 25th Sept; rent days 28th/5th Oct.

EWAA Committee meeting minutes – 10 July 2014

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