EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes
20 March 2014, 7.30pm

Chair: Chris Parker
Attending: Stewart Young, Julian Stern, John Cropper, Josie Powell, Antoine Flett, Sarah Pollard, Pat Mansfield, Peter Corcutt, Mike Harris
Apologies: AnnHelen Parker, Jon Willis, Alison Gridley, Jane Millar, Jane Nimmo-Smith, Helen Edwards, Bridget Henderson

1. Minutes of last meeting – approved but noted that asbestos from roof has now been collected.

2. Matters arising – should we thank council or Ian Haynes for his efforts with OWG?

3. Membership report – 5 half plots free, 2 full. Currently 11 on waiting list.

4. Treasurer’s report – JP reported on behalf of Jon that the Barclays account signatories have been set up and savings account moved to one providing a non-zero savings rate. JW put £8000 into a Barclays savings account.
Total bank balance is £10195; Shop sales since 1st September – £1285, – Shop purchases since 1st September – £1273. (£806 on seeds/potatoes/onions etc £468 on mypex)
Action: Jon to supply a breakdown of savings vs current account as the committee wasn’t clear.

5. Report of visit by council allotment officer – SY and MH met with Ian Haynes on 28 Feb. No reported problems on buffer zone but Ian was keen to revisit 2-3 times per year to keep eye on situation. He felt our own plot inspections should include comment on unsafe sheds and buildings. Ian interested in WHP and saw it potential useful resource. He is going to investigate current lease situation.

6. Neighbouring properties: Overhanging trees and request to plant hedge.
Rose Rolle-Rowan, (Plot 4a) requested permission to plant a hedge at the back of her garden inside EWAA property (on plot 1). SY outlined proposal, SP and PM opposed (carried) due to implications of shade and it leaching nutrients from soil.
Overhanging trees – Sue Heeks wanted to know what to do with tree overhanging her plot from a neighbouring garden. After discussion committee agreed to ask Chris Gamblin (tree surgeon) to take a look and help her work out the situation and advise householder. If it fails we should refer the situation to Ian Haynes to act as liaison.

7. Pollarding our willows – SY spoke with Chris Gamblin who would quote us for pollarding so they are not a danger to our plots or path. Agreed that SY would get a quote.

8. H&S at work parties and set date for next work party – Bridget advised we should think more carefully about H&S during work parties. PC started a discussion on general site health and safety and the amount of glass and other dangerous material on plots. PM suggested putting an old container outside the shop area for disposal allowing everyone take responsibility for their own plot. Agreed we should put up a notice/add something to website and get membership secretary to advise new members on joining. Action: JP to do notice.
Date of work party agreed for 17/18 May. Jobs include: painting shop, ceiling and walls, moving wood chip back away from fence to stop acid attacking metal(?), put mypex on plot 1 (though ideally sooner than May)? Action: SY to book skip which plotholders can use for dangerous materials.

9. Update on OWG – CP spoken to Alan Keane who will put coppiced materials on play area. Action: CP to let JP know when available so message can be sent to membership. SY suggested a round up email message to membership on all important points from meeting. Action: JP to send. PM requested that OWG clear access between first and middle roads, CP agreed to take it up with them.

10. Update on Whitehouse Project – SY read email from Wendy about WHP and request from John to arbitrate. Given the history of problems, the state of plots etc she was not happy to take that role. We have given him notice on the plots, he needs to discuss his tenancy with the council. Discussion on whether we can cut off water and electricity supply as we are not under contract to supply these. Agree that if he were to continue these could be paid by standing order to avoid non-payment. Action: SY to discuss with Ian Haynes. Are we interested in taking it on and using it as a communal greenhouse? Action: JP to make more signs for members. One tenant has so far joined EWAA from WHP.

11. Update on shop refurbishment and next steps – SP thanked CP on behalf of committee for all his hard work. Roof is boarded up and insulation to be completed within a few weeks and light will be added in loft. Agreed that next steps are rewiring and CP to liaise with CC to check suppliers. Suggestion on getting people to donate paint or ask Orinoco project to mix some (JC).

12. Control of shop keys – SY got new sets cut and spares are in shop drawer. Agreed that Tony should have a set for charging machinery batteries. Question on who has the original list for keys and who has sets?

13. Discussion of the allotment charter – SY proposed adopting the allotment federation charter. Action: JP to send link or pdf of charter to committee to discuss at next meeting and link to it from website. SP raised point that insurance may not be valid if we’re non-compliant.

14. Vehicle Ban – agreed to remove current signs and add one on path at top of middle road, and 2 on fences at OWG. Action: JP to make more signs. Action: CP to ask Alan to refrain from bringing vehicles onsite for time being.

15. General manure delivery – after much discussion about loss of revenue on manure it was proposed that 3 loads would be delivered (one for each road) and offered to plotholders as part of their membership. Put to the vote – 7 in favour, 3 against (carried). Only 2 barrows per plot max. Action: JP to make sign.

16. AOB
• Date of spring event agreed: Sat 31st May. Activities to include: BBQ, seed/seedling/plant swap, display of cups, cakes, entertainment.
• CP suggested a free seed swap in the shop.
• Threats made by man in middle car park (resident in the house adjacent). If problems persist we should notify community support officers.
• Question on whether rota been updated removing CC and SR?

17. Date of next meeting: Sunday 18th May: 10-11am

EWAA Committee meeting minutes – 20 March 2014

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