Chair: Chris Clifford

Minutes: Josie Powell

Attending: Jane Millar, Sarah Pollard, Antoine Flett, Mike Harris, Julian Stern, John Cropper, Bridget Henderson, Stuart Young, Jon Willis, Alison Gridley, Peter Corcutt

Apologies:Jane Nimmo-Smith, Helen Costello, AnnHelen Parker, Chris Parker

Minutes of last meeting: Approved

Matters arising: Agreed to carry to AOB

Membership report – AH sent apologies.

Treasurer’s report

£7,123 in current account. £3,025 in savings account. Council rates due around March will be approx. £730.JW noted that the interest rate on the savings account was 0% and that currently Andy Henson was the only signatory. ACTION: It was agreed that JW would look for an interest bearing account and that the account would have three signatories. Jon Willis, Stuart Young and Alison Gridley proposed and seconded.SP suggested that processes should be set in place for expenditure to be cleared with JW before cheques signed. It was agreed that it was not necessary to count coppers during shop duty and these will be removed from the new cash forms.

OUWG relationship

Close to the last meeting (10th Sept) OUWG was very active carrying out some of the work specified on the agreement. Lately work has slowed and CC gave a deadline of 1st Dec to finish. CC to inspect after this committee meeting and if work not complete he will call for a meeting with the council to act as arbitrator to help progress work.

ACTION: JP to add management agreement to Google Drive

Update on Whitehouse Project

Notice has been given to John. CC spoke with him and there was some acceptance of the situation. He’s being treated in the same way as other plotholders in terms of cultivation and notice to clear the plot.ACTION: JP to make notices to put on stakes on the plots requesting members contact AH for rent and leave in the shop for CC to collect.

Division of VP roles

Needs clarification so committee knows who to contact for different situations.ACTION: all VPs to discuss after the meeting and report decision.

Change of signatories on bank account

As above in the Treasurer’s report.


  • SY – set dates for working parties: 18th/19th January and 8th/9th March. Agreed to hire a skip.
  • JM – has excess potash which it’s agreed can be shared via the shop
  • Shop development
    ACTION: CC to send email asking for volunteers to form a sub-committee to take the project forward.
  • AF – Machinery needs servicing (questions on payment)
  • Plot husbandry – discussion on the dereliction of some plots and the high turnover that leads to poor husbandry through lack of knowledge. Suggested again that the committee invest in some mypex and cover overgrown plots to help new plotholders.
    ACTION: MH and BH to provide advice on good husbandry that can be used on noticeboards/website.
  • JP – proposed ordering a new load of manure

 Date of next meeting: Saturday 11th January: 10.30am-12pm

EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes – 1 December 2013

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