Chair: Chris Clifford

Minutes: Josie Powell

Present:  AnnHelen Parker, Chris Parker, Sarah Pollard, Stuart Young, Pat Mansfield, Antoine Flett, Chris Flett, Alison Grindley, Geoff Arundel, Steve Twine, Julian Stern, Colin Gammon, Jon Willis, Ernesto Gomez

Election of Trustees:

  • Pat Mansfield and Chris Parker (Sarah proposed/Alison seconded)

Election to committee:

  • Sue Rowe (Tony proposed/AnnHelen seconded)

Election of Officers:

  • Vice President: Stuart Young, Chris Parker, Julian Stern to share role (Pat proposed/Tony seconded) Check if John Cropper still also willing to stand.
  • Treasurer: Jon Willis (Tony proposed/Pat seconded)
  • President: Chris Clifford (Julian proposed/Tony seconded). Based on certain conditions as detailed below:

Chris agreed to complete a final year in the President role if the committee passed a mandate to develop the shop area for the benefit of members within the year and to a strict budget of £3K.

With funds in the bank for the rewiring we should take the opportunity to think long term about the use of the shop area and make some improvements that will enhance membership and the services to plotholders. A discussion followed on some ways to add value including:

  • Making the shop area more attractive and a more pleasant environment (heating and lighting etc.)
  • Run courses
  • Plant swaps
  • White flag scheme/veg share box
  • Promote more broadly and encourage more associate members

Long term it will build a sense of community and engagement that will provide a pipeline of future officers and committee members.


Will we have a bonfire party?

Improve communication to members. Add committee and AGM minutes to website/add a feedback box/share the story and timeline of the allotment site.

EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes EGM – 14 October 2013

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