EWAA Committee Meeting Agenda

10 September 2013, 7.30pm

Chair: Chris Clifford
Minutes: Josie Powell
Attending: Pat Mansfield, Jane Millar, AnnHelen Parker, Sarah Pollard, Antoine Flett, Mike Harris
Apologies: John Cropper, Jane Nimmo-Smith, Stuart Young, Helen Costello

Minutes of last meeting – Not available to view at the meeting

OUWG update

OUWG missed mid Aug deadline to complete work and CC has meeting on 20th with allotment officer from council to discuss. CC report some activity on middle road (lot of cutting back), some work on the shop road, though some minor cutting back still required. Repair to the path on Pat’s plot done and it was reported the Emelia was happy with happy with new boundary. CC suggested that the committee needs to establish plan for future maintenance without relaxing pressure and to use email for all correspondence to establish a paper trail. SP has given notice on water supply.

ACTION: JP to look for management agreement and map and post on Google Drive.

Whitehouse Project update

CC has had no correspondence since last meeting. Decision firm that we take the plots back under our control but John has refused to hand over the membership list. CC offered John the hard landscaping that he put in place. MH put forward that as a tenant we are under no obligation to offer him anything – wouldn’t be done for other plotholders. SP has issued bills for Q1 and Q2 but could forego these in lieu of the hard landscaping. CC proposed taking plots back, seconded by SP. The council is aware of the situation and our intentions.

ACTION: AH to send an eviction letter to John and request the membership list. ACTION: SP to send letter regarding outstanding debts. ACTION: JP to make notices to put on stakes on the plots requesting members contact AH for rent. CC to draft copy.

Status of roof repairs  

CC has given Neil Smith a key so when all materials arrive he can let the contractors onto the site. CC postponed the job from being completed last time because was concerned that the job would be left half completed.

Membership report

AH reported that there were 12 on waiting list and 2 plots available. A few plots are waterlogged, overgrown or in too poor a condition to be let. AH suggests that the flooded plots need reclamation which is too big a job for the committee. PM asked if we could approach the council to see if they can help but the consensus was they wouldn’t be interested. MH suggests creating smaller plots for people as these would be more manageable and achievable. AH – division is possible but would depend on location as there may be issues with boundaries. AH – not had many requests for quarter plots to date.

Treasurer’s report

As of end of July the association was holding roughly £8k: £5,200 in current account, £3,025 in deposit account.

In more detail we received £2,825 in rent and keys; £2,500 from the shop (including £410 on potatoes that cost £269). Currently hold roughly £1,400 in stock in the shop.

For the record CC commended Sarah on the management of the finances and for getting the association to a very good position. He expressed his thanks which was echoed by the rest of the committee.

SP thanked SY for selling machinery. SP suggested we order manure.

CC pointed out that with such a surplus there is no financial reason not to comply with safety, legal issues and improving facilities for membership.

ACTION: SP to bill Whitehouse and OUWG for outstanding monies.

Officer and committee recruitment

CC/SY/SP/HC standing down from officer posts.

ACTION: JP to send out full list of posts available by email and MH to add to website.

SP cautioned that for treasurer role we should get references as they would have access to a large amount of cash. Going forward thought needs to be given to signatories. PM volunteered to become a signatory as trustee, MH proposed AH as she takes rent money. Both approved by the committee.

AH voiced concerns over recruitment.

ACTION: JP to send out email inviting nominations by 19th Sept to discuss and vote at AGM. Interested parties to reply to JP or be connected to current officers for more info. If no-one steps forward a date was set for an EGM on 14th October.

Tool Shop Officer is a new post. AF happy to help with the machinery but doesn’t have vehicle to transport when they need maintenance. SP offered help with transportation.

Discussion on the need to enlarge committee and split responsibilities between a larger pool of people. People are happy to help out in the shop but not join the committee so the next committee needs to look into how to structure this. Maybe get a shop team together to run it.

MH suggested rent days should be before the AGM so we have the opportunity to speak in person with members about available posts. PM/JM – not possible as rent is agreed at the AGM. Discussion on whether we should revert to getting people to sign up to work parties at rent days. ACTION: JM to dig out forms.

Planning for Autumn social event

JP has sent invite and posters. No specific roles volunteered for so agreement to run it organically on the day depending on who shows up.



Date of next meeting: 14th October (either committee meeting or EGM)

EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes – 10 September 2013

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