EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes
19 June 2013, 7.30pm

Chair: Chris Clifford
Minutes: Josie Eade
Attending: Pat Mansfield, Stewart Young, Jane Millar, John Cropper.
Apologies: AnnHelen Parker, Sarah Pollard, Jane Nimmo-Smith, Antoine Flett

Minutes of last meeting
Amendment to point 11 (Whitehouse Project):
We’re definitely going to take back Whitehouse Project plots. CC wrote to John 13th May about taking back control and received reply today. CC spoken with John who is unhappy with our decision and he is going to take it up with council. Apparently they have a plan but plot inspection reveals lack of action and poor cultivation i.e. there is no record of who is working plots. Decision: Leave John to proceed with council.

Matters arising

OUWG relationship and status of agreement
CC has been in constant correspondence with OUWG on whether they have made any progress removing dumper and path repair. OUWG couldn’t meet original deadline for repair on 15 June because of nesting birds. New deadline of end of July given. Re: Path repair – CC received email from Janet Keen on 5th June reporting that Alan had fallen and cracked ribs so can’t undertake immediately but they’ve bought turf. Dumper due to be brought out this week. SY would rather they didn’t move dumper in and out but CC’s understanding is that it’s coming off hire and only out.

PM reported that slow progress has left Amelia upset and feels committee doesn’t support her. CC has spent time with Amelia to discuss the borders and she accepted position.

SY and CC proposed that we should we park this problem for now. See how they deal with the latest extended deadline of 14th August and if they don’t meet this we turn over to the council to deal with the situation. CC to email Janet Keene with the decision and let the council officer know.

Status of building repairs
Good news! CC reported that EWAA has no obligation on our lease to insure the building. Ruth Whelan (Senior Surveyor) confirmed that they are self insuring it.  Re: roof. We are waiting for preferred contractors to gain access to plan and to present the options on repair. Initial thoughts are that speeddeck should be used to replace whole roof. SY thanked and congratulated CC for his determination and doggedness.

Membership report
Update at next meeting

Results of plot inspection

CC and AH carried out inspection and discovered lots of weeds at seed formation stage. CC agreed to provide text for email on cultivation to be sent to members (JP to send). AH has sent 12 warnings on cultivation and half were prepared to give up plots (all half plots). Discussion on whether we can do anything to educate people about weeds etc. JC asked whether we could help new plotholders (often given the worst plots but are the least likely to manage them) by covering plots for them so they can uncover it as they go, don’t get demoralised and give up. SY to ask SP if we can get 2 rolls of mypex.

Could we use plot 1 as a case study, to demonstrate the weeds, what you can do to remove them, provide identification photos? Discussion on whether to organise an Autumn working party to clear plot 1 and leave for 6 months. Park to next meeting.

Treasurers report
Currently hold £8k access between accounts with a healthy surplus. Electrics issue parked until roof done. JC raised the question of whether we could give something back to members in terms of investment.

SY reported that the mowing system and mowers are working. The rotovator isn’t being used. Only the electric strimmer is being hired out. We should send an email clarifying procedure for hire, reminder of rates etc. SY to speak with Antoine about regularly checking mowers are working.
JM suggested inviting a sharpener to visit site as a service to plotholders.

Shop management and development
AH managing shop and membership. Noted that shop needs more bean sticks, calcified seaweed and potato sacks.

Planning for September social event
Date agreed is Sunday 15th Sept. as a harvest celebration. Ideas for activities:

  • Set of boards indicating roles available
  • Cake competition
  • Harvest festival: categories for different types of fruit/veg
  • Kids activities: build a veg person
  • BBQ: selling food – CC volunteered to run
  • Veg swap
  • Best plot/long term member award

Set up on play area.
JP to send save the date email, design poster and promote.
Should we give cups as prizes? We would therefore need an audit of cups.

AGM to be held on last Thursday of Sept 26th. Rent days on 29th Sept and 6th Oct.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 10th Sept.

EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes – 19 June 2013

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