EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes
13 February 2013, 7.30pm

Chair: Chris Clifford
Minutes: Josie Eade
Attending: Pat Mansfield, Sarah Pollard, Jane Millar, John Cropper, Stewart Young, Mike Harris, Antoine Flett
Apologies: Jane Nimmo-Smith, AnnHelen Parker, Helen Costello, Peter Corcutt, Helen Edwards

1. Minutes of last meeting – approved

2. Matters arising

Recent break-ins. JE to send email asking plotholders to alert us to damage or thefts. JE to add notice to gates. SY to undertake some maintenance on locks making them easier to open/lock.

3. Membership report
JE reported on behalf of AP. 8 people on the list and 6 half plots (all water logged) available.

4. Treasurer’s report

Bank account: £4108, deposit ac – £3025.
Shop takings: £682 (since Sept 1 2012), clearout made £23 (Spent £432 on shop purchases).
Utilities: used up credit with Thames Water.  Paid £129 water/electricity since 1/9/12.
Other expenditure: Skip £233, mower £40.
White House not paid Sept – Dec bill (£115 water/£12 electricity). SP sent 2 reminders.

Action: SP to send letter demanding full payment within 7 days and propose a meeting with CC to discuss how to bill in future. Agreed that SP should contact Thames Water to see if they can bill White House direct. Electricity would be more difficult as it comes off the shop supply.

6. Further development and use of building

  • Painting breeze blocks to brighten space (as suggested by Peter at the work party).
  • Electrics: CC to get 3 quotes to get statutory inspection. Without a certificate we may not be covered by insurance – need to check policy. Should we apply for a grant to cover the cost?
  • MH pointed out that we need to get fire extinguisher.
  • MH has offered to donate a wood burning stove we could use as a heater. Need to vent and get it installed.
  • MH proposed expanding opening hours for the shop to make it more accessible. One problem would be the need for officers to commit more hours. Discussed using a combination lock to make it more accessible for opening but idea was rejected for security reasons. Agreed that we would trial opening a couple of Saturday’s per month: Easter Saturday (30th March), May bank holiday (4th May – SP volunteered as officer) and last May bank holiday (25th May). Trial this with lots of promotion.

7.  Shop orders and promotional plan

  • Need to replenish stock.
  • Due to time constraints HC may need support in the shop. Action: CC to speak with HC and AP to discuss how to move forward. Suggest HC does a job spec, and how much time it takes etc. Get people engaged to help with the shop.
  • Need a price for spuds by this weekend, CC to ask HC. We need an update on other orders and stock – garlic/shallots/fertiliser etc
  • JE to add notices to boards about what we stock, opening times etc.
  • Discussed whether we should we stock tools.

8. Mailing list instruction

MH to update JE on committee list once everyone is subscribed, then JE to manage list.

9. Planning for May social event

5th May spring gathering. Need to start planning/promoting before next committee meeting.


  • Music
  • Plant sale or swap (CC happy to coordinate)
  • Food – bbq/bake sale/ tea and cake
  • Kids seed planting – sunflowers/beans? (JE and SP)
  • Treasure hunt
  • Coordinate activities with OUWG if they are doing anything that weekend

Event can raise funds as well as be social. Plan to do it in the shop area with kid’s activities on play area (depending on weather)

Action: JE to design poster/notice for boards and post date on website (detail can be added later). Get volunteers and ideas from among committee and plotholders.

10. Rotovator, old trailer and antique tiller sale

Trailer nearly sold on eBay but need to re-advertise, SY to organise. Antique tiller sold to museum for £25. Rotovator to be advertised in spring, SY to report back.

11. OWG liaison and survey of plot holders

Some members concerned about use of buffer zone and the proposed change in its use (ie plant bulbs). CC to speak with Alan again this week.

12. Sign off OCC Corporate Assets questionnaire

Feedback given and CC to complete and send.

13. AOB

14. Date of next meeting: 7.30pm, Thursday 11 April

EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes – 13 February 2013

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