Minutes EWAA Meeting 11 December 2012

Apologies: Chris Clifford, Helen Costello, Jane Nimmo-Smith, Helen Edwards
Chair: Stewart Young
Attending: Pat Mansfield, Sarah Pollard, AnnHelen Parker, Mike Harris, Antoine Flett, Jane Mansfield, Josie Eade, John Cropper, Peter Corcutt

1.            Membership report

5 half plots available on shop road with just 1 person currently interested. AP suggested splitting a full plot into 4 quarter plots should a suitable one become available.

2.            Treasurer’s report

Rental income to 27th November was £2700 (rent and keys)

Bank balance stands at £4397 + shop takings. Outstanding outgoings £900 for water and electricity.

3.            Sub-group report: website and communications

Research showed that the site was used for information and as a point of contact rather than for social media. The domain name ewaa.org.uk was renewed and MH built a new WordPress site currently maintained by AnnHelen and Josie. It was agreed that the site needs to be friendly and provide a community feel though the EWAA  rules and regulations should be available to members.

4.       Sub-group report: the shop / building 

Nothing to report from sub-group.

Some problems with the building were identified mainly the external repairs needed to guttering and the toilet door. SY proposed that PC look at the gutter to see if he could provide a temporary fix.

The meeting agreed that the shop needs to be redesigned and a plan drawn up. SY proposed a work party on January 12th to clear and clean the shop area. A skip will be ordered and delivered in time for the work party and SP can provide a tarpaulin to prevent it being filled. It was agreed that the internal wall be removed but that there should be another exit from the building, perhaps through the windows which are currently inaccessible.

5.       Shop orders for new year

SY had discussed with HC and while there may be volume limitations, most of the usual produce e.g. potatoes is in process.

6.       Machinery audit: what do we need to repair / replace

Audit: Honda petrol strimmer is in good working order. Hover mower needs a service (SY to contact John Bark), other mower is not functional and should be returned to those who fixed it. SP to research mowers and come back with suggestions including the potential for part-exchange?

Need to establish protocol for hiring out machinery including paperwork. SY and AF to give safety instructions and safety equipment. JP to put notice on website reminding people of dangers of equipment.

7.       OUWG liason / repairs

CC and JC met OUWG who agreed to make good the damage. Need further consultation to clarify location of buffer zones, what should be done with them, and adhere to the rules.

CC to meet OUWG again before Spring along with affected plotholders (6 plots). PC suggested compensation for loss of crops to damaged plots. CC to send notice by letter to OUWG to let them know heavy goods vehicles are not permitted and JP to put notice on gates (heavy goods and no turning).

8.       Possible social  / horticultural events for 2013

SY suggested 2 events agreed by meeting: 5th may – spring gathering/BBQ, 31st August fruit/veg competition.

Ask membership for other ideas via the website.

9.       AOB

Monitor height of monkey puzzle tree on plot.

Note for next meeting – survey of tree heights and whether the wildlife group trees are causing shade.

EWAA Committee Meeting Minutes – 11 December 2012

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