Plot holders are expected to cultivate at least 25% of their plot in the first year, and increase by 25% each year reaching at least 75% after three years of tenanting their plot.

Cultivation includes:

  • Annual crops, including cut flowers and green manures.
  • Trees and perennials providing they are well maintained and weeded. (Trees must not be allowed to grow higher than 12’ (3.6m)).
  • Recently dug or otherwise tilled soil.
  • Mown grass.
  • Sheds, compost heaps, paths.

Non-cultivation includes:

  • Any significant growth of weeds.
  • Rubbish.
  • Brambles (unless they are clearly grown as well maintained perennials).
  • Items which are not permitted on the allotment (eg, using carpet as a mulch).

Special cases include:

  • Bare untilled earth.
  • Black plastic and other permitted mulches.

Small areas of untilled earth or mulch are treated as cultivation if they are adjacent to cultivation (eg, crops growing through plastic, bare earth around trees or sheds) or form a path.

Large areas if untilled earth or mulch are treated as cultivation providing they are temporary (no more than a year or so) and subject to a maximum of 25% of the plot, the remainder being treated as uncultivated. (So if 100% of the plot is covered in black plastic, it will count as 25% cultivated). This rule is to permit the clearance of weedy ground by mulching.

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